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This Website is for those who are hurting, or those seeking to help someone who is- those in need of comfort, guidance, acceptance and understanding. Please make full use of our free downloads, they are there to minister to the hurts and needs of the Young, the Downtrodden, the Poor, the Abused and the Bereaved. We also have a free download specifically for Military Personnel and their Families, all of whom live daily under the most extraordinary pressure. We hope these downloads will meet your particular needs at this time and that they will be a Blessing to you and your families. All these downloads are extracts from “Lost and Found, The Other Side Of Me” details of which can be found in our Inspirational Section.

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A Glimpse of The Journey   ...For Those Seeking The Path.

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The serialisation of "Lost and Found - The Other Side Of Me".  The Fourth monthly instalment is here.

“I was neither happy nor sad, but I did feel a flicker of fear and uncertainty” was the authors response to the unexpected news that she was going home soon. She no longer knew ‘home’ and felt barely knew her Mother or Brother anymore.
The slippers her Mother brought in for her to take to her new home were strange to her and for an unknown reason filled her with a sense of foreboding, which became all the stronger when she ran to meet her Mother the day she came to collect her and was met with an icy cold reception…

(Printed with permission of Sylvia Darling author of "Lost and Found - The Other Side Of Me")


Our words can be so important. Everything we say can be so important, ESPECIALLY if we happen to be speaking to someone who is barely hanging on by their fingertips! In todays uncaring, fast-paced World we should be much more aware of our words and choose them carefully, wisely, thoughtfully…considering the person in front of us and the situation they’re in. The right words can bring healing and comfort, give someone the strength to fight through another day, they can even mend broken relationships, but the wrong words can cause pain or bring unwarranted condemnation and even disaster into someone’s life and no-one needs that!

The Lost

A tormented heart cries out in pain,
Unseeing eyes search The Heavens in vain,
Tear-stained cheeks a story tell,
Of a mis-spent life on a journey to Hell.
Caught in a vice from which he cannot escape,
It’s your hand he needs for the step he must take.
Your lips must tell him that Christ paid the price,
That He bought us Salvation with His Sacrifice.
Your love must help him discover The Cross,
And your heart must bleed, with God’s for the lost.

© Sylvia Darling 2019


When it comes to matters close to your heart do YOU struggle to say what you actually MEAN, do you even understand YOURSELF? One of our sensitive Collections of e-book downloads might help you understand yourself a little better, enabling you to recognize and accept your own emotional hurts and needs. We all have them! Whether you want to keep them next to your own heart for reassurance and consolation or send them to someone else, you will find our e-book downloads affordable, easy to buy and easy to send to someone you KNOW needs understanding, comfort and help.

Our e-book Collections are a unique and fascinating mixture of beautifully presented and moving poems that powerfully express the turmoil of emotions within the human heart… the passions, the despair, the yearnings, but along with the poems there are words of sympathy and understanding, not judgement and condemnation. Words that console, comfort and guide us to a better understanding of ourselves and the World we live in - words that help the reader understand the complexities of the human heart and how we need to safeguard it in order to cope with the pressure of life in todays’ harsh and largely unsympathetic World.

For example, our first e-book “The Young Heart Awakens” shares all the thrills and excitement, all the breathless anticipation, together with the heartache and despair the Merry-go-Round of Love and Romance inevitably brings with it. It would be a thoughtful and insightful gift for any parent to give to a rapidly growing and maturing daughter, or for anyone to give to a friend they can see is in need of comfort and understanding. The right words shared at the right moment can make all the difference in the World to someone who is hurting inside.

The following pieces are extracts from this e-book.

Young love awakening

So often in life we make the wrong choices. It’s all too easy, especially when we’re young, to think we’re ready, we can cope with the aftermath of any decisions we might make. Whether it’s the result of mixing with the wrong people at School, or unwisely simply deciding to experiment with sex, drugs or alcohol, the outcome can be far more devastating than anyone young or inexperienced could possibly imagine. But when we’ve hit rock bottom and feel nothing but loathing and disgust whenever we catch a glimpse of ourselves in the mirror where do we go from there? How can we ever regain our self-respect, our dignity? How do we ever pick ourselves up again?

God healing devastated people

God Uses Broken Things

The Father healed my aching heart,
Made the broken pieces mend,
And, while I was serving Him,
Caused my inner pain to end,
For He had seen my anguished soul,
And alone He knew the cause,
And brought to mind the hundred cuts
That always made me pause,
Afraid to enter in.

Now I have felt His Healing Balm
I can rise again,
And I can help the others find
The Healer of all men,
For others need that Healing Touch
To penetrate their soul,
And others need the Living God
Who truly makes men whole.
Come – Trust in Him.

© Sylvia Darling 2017

Only God can minister to the pains of the human heart. Only God truly knows and understands us. He Created us, each and every one of us, He knows how we think, how we feel, our innermost heartaches and sorrows, our feelings of inadequacy and despair, He knows and understands it all. He accepts us as we are, forgives our sins and unrighteousness, seeking only to draw us close to Him that we might walk in freedom and joy, confident in a Love that NEVER changes. God never leaves us or forsakes us, God never lets us down!

End of Extract

* * *New Release...The "Captured Moments" Collection now available in the Romance and Wise Words Section!


If My Heart Had A Song

If my heart had a song what would it sing to you?
If my heart had a voice what would it whisper in your ear?
Would it sing of joy and laughter?
Would it whisper hopes and dreams?
If my heart had a song what would it sing to you?

If my Life were a dance how would I dance for you?
Would my steps bring a twinkle to your eyes?
Would my whirling feet enchant you?
Would they captivate your heart?
If my Life were a dance how would I dance for you?

Sylvia Darling

© Sylvia Darling 2016

More Collections To Follow - Watch This Space!