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Beautiful healing words for those who are searching.

This Website is for those who are hurting, or those seeking to help someone who is- those in need of comfort, guidance, acceptance and understanding. Please make full use of our free downloads, they are there to minister to the hurts and needs of the Young, the Downtrodden, the Destitute, the Poor, the Abused and the Bereaved. We also have a free download specifically for Military Personnel and their Families, all of whom live daily under the most extraordinary pressure. We hope these downloads will meet your particular needs at this time and that they will be a Blessing to you and your families. All these downloads are extracts from “Lost and Found, The Other Side Of Me” details of which can be found in our Inspirational Section.

Alternatively, for those who are young and in love, why not spend a little while in our Romance and Wise Words Section, you're bound to see something you like! Also, especially for the young and in love, we highly recommend our newest free download "Young Love... It's Joys and Perils".

Important piece on Environmental issues

"Think Of The Children" This is a powerful environmental piece which I dedicate to Greta Thunberg and all those trying desperately to save our beautiful planet. Follow the link for your free download. It occurs to me that the title and selected lines from this piece would make an incredible rap, how about someone making a video and putting it up on YouTube - if it goes viral WOW - what a difference we could all make! Please do put my copyright somewhere on the screen though!

Whilst reflecting upon the wonder of Gods' Creation I thought it might be a nice idea to share a few of the poems I wrote during my years in Scotland, a truly BEAUTIFUL part of the U.K. You'll find these under "My Scottish Odyssey" the latest of my free downloads, I'm sure you'll enjoy the lovely scenic views!

"The Beginning Of The Journey!"

Who - ME Lord?

When I tremble in my inadequacy
And falter on the brink,
How I wish you had some
Tangible form to cling to!
When I step out “In Faith”,
Yet fear I’m going to sink,
My heart sighs, “Isn’t there
An easier crowd to belong to?”
Oh God - I know you love me,
But isn’t it plain to see,
That when you ask “Who shall I send?”
No-One would think of ME!

Sylvia Darling

© Sylvia Darling 2019

A Life Of Praise

I place my heart between Your Hands in humble offering,
And sacrifice my will at the foot of Your Throne.
I cast aside all worldly aims and proud ambition
That I might live my life to bring glory to Your Name!
Let it be a sweet savour unto You Lord!
Let my heart beat on with Yours in one accord!
Let my lips cry out to all, my God is Worthy!
Let my life enable others to hear Your Call!
Let my heart lie next to Yours in adoration!
Let my mouth sing out anew with songs of praise!
Let Christians all around bring acclamation
To their God By Whom The Universe was made!

Sylvia Darling

©Sylvia Darling 2016

A Shared Thought

It is FAITH and RELATIONSHIP not intellect and effort
that brings forth the seed-bearing fruit of life
in the work we do for God!

©Sylvia Darling 2020

The Way Of The Cross

What would you have me say about serving The Lord?
That it’s fun? That it’s easy?
Should I not speak of those times of inner searching
That will cause you to cry out as one in torment?
Nor mention those occasions when your heart will ache,
And you will thirst as one lost amidst the deserts dry and gritty dunes,
Fearing you will never hear His Voice again?
Moments when the aridity of the Wilderness,
Or the depths of the Valley seem too great for your soul to bear?
Yet if I speak not of these things how do I help you?
For you must crave what lies beyond the pain of these experiences,
And discover for yourself the perfection of His Salvation
And the nature of His Greater Plan for you, and all mankind.
Victory lies waiting at the end of your particular tunnel
If you will but pass through it.
If we would have Him change our wooden vessels into chalices
Of gold we must realise that we too must pay a price.
We who earnestly seek to hear the very heart-beat of our Living God
Must also be prepared to spend our time in Gethsemane,
And having endured Gethsemane still have the courage and devotion
To go on to our own personal Calvary.
Only if we have done all these things shall we even begin
To perceive the Wonder of our God, or the Nature of His Love for us.
Shall I tell you that it’s easy…or shall I simply say He’s worth any

Sylvia Darling

© Sylvia Darling 2019

The High Places

It’s easy to delight in Him in the midst of the Golden Field, ripe and scented with the
sweet aroma of herbs and flowers, but it’s not so easy to believe and trust when we
find ourselves on the rocky outcrop to which that sweet-smelling field leads.
We gaze silently at its bleak and barren aspect and turning our heads look back
upon the path our feet so recently travelled with such joy and gladness.
The way ahead does not look welcoming. Can it be the right path we wonder?
Should we, can we, go further? Yes, the path IS there but it is here that we must put
down all our talents and ‘works’ for Him, together with our fanciful imaginings of
glory and power, and gazing steadfastly at Him learn to WAIT and to HEAR until
we are sure we are following His leading and not secretly seeking to exalt ourselves
in our ‘service’ to Him. When we have truly seen ourselves in relation to our work
He shows us we can pick up those burdens again if we will, but now we will know
more clearly what to take. Sorrowfully we look upon Pride and Ambition, knowing
now what a large part they played in getting us thus far when all along we thought we
were being pure and holy. We turn from these and look at the other burdens we
carried up to this point, self-esteem and hidden sin, carefully concealed avarice
and greed, and we feel no desire for these things either. So what is left? We bend
down and pick up that one remaining package we still feel we need, the one
marked ‘Knowledge’ and we carry it for a while. Knowledge of HIM is first borne,
then known in the mind, but then when it is experienced, head knowledge must
be discarded,
for we no longer need ‘knowledge’ when He is truly IN us, our faith is no
longer a burden to be carried like a Cross upon our backs, we ARE faith!
When God shines in us, through us, people will look at us and perceive HIM in all
His Beauty and they will fall down and CRY to know the Living God. Only
then shall we truly be vessels, only then are we full of His Life not our own.
That last parcel called ‘knowledge’ was discarded along the way when we started to be
what our earthbound selves merely had us doing and saying. The external façade
has at last become an internal reality, but one unpolluted by earthbound ideals.
We shall walk in His strength not our own, and see through His Eyes with new
compassion and new understanding both the sins of our fellowman and our own.
Sylvia Darling
© Sylvia Darling 2019

Open Doors

I used to be afraid of God,
Afraid that He might see
The many pains within my heart
As sins between Him and me;
But then He made me realize
It was not His will to judge,
But that He’d rather heal with love,
Any hidden hurt or grudge,
And as I slowly yielded
Those secret parts of me,
I found that He could heal them all,
And inside – I was free!

© Sylvia Darling 2017

Glimpses of God

Achieving Relationship With God Through Prayer

A humble spirit and the ability to subjugate ‘The Self’ are both essential if we truly want to know God and enter into relationship with Him. We have to be able to hear His Voice clearly and, temporarily at least, be able to ‘quarantine’ areas of our mind, stilling our own voices in order to hear His. This is not easy for most of us but the Bible assures us in Hebrews 11:6 that God is ‘the Rewarder’ of those who diligently seek Him - if the desire and determination in us is strong enough we can and will succeed!

Taking our prayer lives a step further and seeking to achieve a real relationship with God requires a very different approach to prayer. We have to abandon our normal ‘monologue’ style prayer and open our minds to the fact that this relationship CAN BE a two-way communication…we must pray expecting to receive from Him. There can be no ‘time-limit’ on this type of prayer, we sit before Him sharing our thoughts, our desire to follow Him more closely, we ‘wait’ upon Him, and in due time, at His appointed time, we will start to hear. Gods’ Spirit speaks to our spirits, it’s a whisper from within, a gentle stirring inside. It is wonderful…peaceful…illuminating. He sometimes guides us to look at a particular Scripture and then suddenly that Scripture becomes ‘alive’ to us and we see and understand things in that text that we never saw before, it is a truly amazing experience.

We also soon realize that Gods’ Thoughts are not like ours in any way at all! It is just as Isaiah 55:8/9 says “… my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” Gods’ Thoughts are totally Pure and Holy because HE is Pure and Holy! There is an incredible PURITY and RIGHTEOUSNESS that emanates from God that is impossible to describe, it is completely overwhelming. The mind of man cannot cope with or in any way comprehend the ENORMITY of His boundless MAJESTY, BEAUTY, POWER and GRACE. The Perfection of the World He Created is but a tiny reflection of Him and we can SEE and are AWARE of only an infinitesimal part of it!

It is to man’s detriment that he will not ALLOW himself to travel down that road: his mind is too limited, his ego too great. We are made in Gods’ Image but we are not Him, nor ever can be – it was Adams’ folly and man-kinds ever since to think we ever could be. Many still choose to vaunt themselves before God, endlessly challenging, abusing and mocking a Creator who truly IS AWESOME. In 2 Tim 3:1/7 we read: “...in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers…unthankful, unholy… despisers of those that are good. Traitors, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God. Having a form of Godliness but denying the power thereof: from such turn away” He concludes that they are “…ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth”.

We contain a tiny essence of His Spirit and yet we’re afraid to even entertain the ‘idea’ of it, the SCOPE of it, or to truly ALLOW that spirit to develop within us. We are too afraid to seek The Truth that would heighten our senses and increase our understanding of ALL things, every aspect of the World around us: we limit OURSELVES by our refusal to fully embrace what we cannot explain! How foolish we are not to explore to the utmost of our ability every aspect of Himself that God Chooses to reveal to us! We could all be so much MORE, we could be ALL He Created us to be through FAITH and PRAYER and by allowing His Holy Spirit to move freely in our lives!

© Sylvia Darling 2019

A Glimpse of The Journey   ...For Those Seeking A Closer Walk With God.

The toll of city life today and the ACTUAL price we pay!


The world is full of aching hearts,
Full of fear, dulled hope and pain;
People afraid to count the cost,
Merely hoping it’s not in vain.
So many are trapped in emptiness,
They’re the lost in hot pursuit
Of imagined prizes and worthless goals,
Idols held in high repute.
How God must weep as He watches
While they seek as their common goal
The riches of a transient world,
Not Salvation for the soul.
When will they see the futility
Of their endless toil and strife?
One day they’ll see what their idols cost –
The Gift of Eternal Life!

© Sylvia Darling 2019

“Aching hearts, full of fear, dulled hope and pain”, those few words describe the way far too many of us live our lives today, refusing to admit what it actually does cost us physically, emotionally, spiritually, just to get through another day. We know in our hearts that it is all in vain, that tomorrow will be exactly the same, and the day after that, and the day after that. The Apostle Paul wrote that “Spiritual truths are spiritually discerned”, but few of us today are really looking for spiritual solutions for problems we perceive as belonging to our Modern World, and far too complex for God to be the only answer we need. I did too. I had no-one to open my eyes to the truth, to guide my feet along the right path. I met with God when I was very, very small, too young to understand all I needed to understand so of course I stumbled and fell very often as I grew up. My childhood was not a happy one and even when I was young I would wonder ‘What is the point? Why am I here? Why was I ever even born?’, but even though I wandered far from God feeling lonely and afraid, I later discovered that He had never ONCE let go of my hand, although I had most certainly let go of His! Why not spend a little time with me on my other website too, sylviadarling.com perhaps sharing some of my heartache and despair will help you find healing and explanations for your own. I promise you it’s not a BORING read and it’s only a click away…JOIN ME, you have absolutely nothing to lose and so very much to gain!

© Sylvia Darling 2019

This months' instalment of "Lost and Found, The Other Side Of Me" can be viewed   here.


Learning about Eddie, my new ‘Daddy’ and his life in Poland, but our home is turning into a warzone as he and my Mother constantly fight about Simon. Obliterating a German machine-gun post at the battle of Monte Cassino had cost Eddie dearly, he had lost a leg and his career in the Polish Army, he also suffered from acute phantom pain. He is put on a powerful new drug and the situation goes from bad to worse.

Missed an instalment? Can't wait to see what happens next? Catch up on sylviadarling.com or download the e-book "Lost and Found, The Other Side Of Me" in the Inspirational Section.

(Printed with permission of Sylvia Darling author of "Lost and Found - The Other Side Of Me")


Uplifting and inspiring Christian Verse

Be Still

God, You are so special to me,
You’re the one thing in my life
That no-one can take away.
There is only one thing that
Can come between us – ME,
And You help me even to overcome myself.
When I withdraw helpless and afraid
You reach out and draw me close.
When I am angry and confused
You listen, then when I am still once more,
You soothe me and explain.
How far is my mind from Yours,
Yet always You are there,
Reaching out to communicate.
I need only to be still to hear.

Sylvia Darling

© Sylvia Darling 2019

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